Vocalarts Studio

Janice Jackson, instructor



Janice Jackson has been teaching voice for the past 17 years in The Netherlands and Canada.   She has been singing internationally for 20 years and brings both her teaching experience and her vast performing experience to her lessons with enthousiasm and joy.

In the words of Janice Jackson:

“As a vocal teacher my aim is to guide my students through teaching them healthy vocal habits, helping them get to know their voice and what it needs to work well and to use that knowledge to sing repertoire to its fullest potential. 

I also believe that anyone can sing.  I am not guided by a certain vocal technique more than by a desire to help the student discover his/her own technique through concentration on breathing, posture, pronunciation, musicality etc.   I am less concerned with what style the student chooses to sing, but how the student is singing.  From Jazz to Classical to Rock and Roll, all styles are welcome.”

Vocalarts Studio offers the following private services:
  - Regular singing lessons (from beginner to professional, all styles welcome)
- Royal Conservatory Examination preparation
- Opera and musical theatre role preparation
- Contemporary Music Interpretation
- Improvisation Lessons
The Vocalarts Studio seeks to provide its students with regular workshop and performance opportunities. Throughout the year the students perform in class recitals and study with diverse performing artists such as singers/directors/choreographers in workshop settings. 
Master classes and group lessons are also available for:
  - pop/rock singers who want to strengthen their singing.
- choristers who want to improve their vocal technique.
- performers who want to perfect their stage presence.
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